About Us

Ninety-Nines Flying School is a dedicated flying training organization catering for the private, commercial and airline sectors. We have extensive experience in training self and corporate sponsored pilots from different cultural backgrounds and from all around the world.

Beginning in 1975, the Ninety-Nines Flying School has established a reputation within the East Africa aviation industry for providing high quality flight training services.

Our success is as a result of having a relevant and achievable philosophy, sophisticated training programs to translate that philosophy into tangible results, and selective management systems to provide quality control. We offer training for pilots of all ages.

Whether your goal is recreational or you aspire to be a commercial pilot, we will customize a program for you.

Located at Wilson Airport, Ninety-Nines Flying School was established in 1975 to provide a service that set high standards in flight training to flying enthusiasts. To date, we maintain the same high professional standards as well as a passion for providing an enjoyable experience to all our clientele. We aim to provide a standard of training that is second to none, and yet not compromise the adventurous spirit that inspired manned heavier than air flight.

Safety First

At Ninety Nines Flying School, we apply safety and security measures that meet the highest international standards. A skilled crew of dedicated aircraft mechanics are licensed and we require our clientele to gain, internalize and adhere to the safety rules under all conditions.

Engineers maintain our airplanes, and we require our clientele to gain, internalize and adhere to the safety rules under all conditions.

Our Mission

It is our mission at Ninety Nines to train pilots to the very highest standard of excellence and competency in Aviation and to achieve their individual and professional aviation goals using our friendly, knowledgeable and professionally staff.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make safe flying a lifestyle and leisure pursuit in the region.